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Continuity & Independence

Continuity and openness in our relationship are essential elements of a successful consulting job. We achieve continuity through the principle of shareholder equality. The firm is jointly owned by the executive partners and has no other shareholders.
ICC is completely objective and independent.


Following are some statements from clients reflecting the quality of what we at ICC can accomplish:

Statement 1

"We had a difficult time locating a suitable candidate until we decided to engage ICC. Not only did ICC ask difficult questions to help us better understand what type of person we wanted, but ICC asked them in a way that was very positive and constructive.
ICC continually gave prompt and relevant feedback on the results of our meetings with candidates, which helped us make our decision. ICC continued to be invaluable after we made the offer by keeping the negotiations at a level that was appropriate.

All in all, we are extremely pleased with the work of ICC and enjoy ICC's energy and enthusiasm."

Statement 2:

"We have worked with a number of executive search firms and been approached by many more. We can comfortably say that in that time we have learned to rely on ICC's knowledge and dedication to deliver candidates of top quality and their willingness to offer us the flexibility that we need.

In a market flooded with search firms that are trying to push their network of people, ICC has demonstrated successfully through multiple placements of key executives that they know our business, find the qualified candidates and that they are successfull for us.

We look forward to continuing to work with ICC Executive Search as we continue to grow our business in Europe."
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