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The start of growth begins in your own periphery. It is necessary for real expansion and development to cultivate new areas and to let them contribute to the growth beyond one's own horizon.

We see it as our mission to help clients go beyond their horizon, to develop and explore, by searching and providing executives and specialists of top quality around the world.


During the past decade, heightened effort and more commitment have extended the capacity of ICC. We have become more efficient and have increased our competitiveness, quality has become more important and we are more responsive to our clients' requirements.

ICC Executive Search serves clients everywhere in the world, using our extensive Company International Network. In terms of professional competence and reputation, ICC Executive Search features among the worldwide leading search firms.

Our clients are among the best of the world in their markets. They are corporations of all dimensions, ranging from billions of dollars to a few hundred millions, mid-size enterprises and also some of the most successful newly started businesses of the past decades.

The partners of ICC Executive Search bring together a wide range of experience and skills to be successful in each particular client situation. Coordinated through our European Center, teams of qualified and enthusiastic consultants provide a highly professional service, in research, development and maintenance of contacts in all sectors.

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